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why didnt he read the sign

he should’ve seen it coming, idiot.

Jack Barakat

In the first movie, when it was obviously being talked about, like, ‘It’s The Hunger Games, you have to lose ten pounds.’ I said ‘We have control over this role model. Why would we make her something unobtainable and thin?’ This is a person that young girls will be looking up to, so why not make her strong? Why not make her beautiful and healthy and fit? I was very adamant about that, because I think that our industry doesn’t take enough responsibility for what it does to our society. I remember what it felt like to be 14 years old, looking at a Victoria’s Secret model and thinking, ‘I’ll never look like that.’ I don’t want to make someone feel like that.


having body hair annoys me but removing body hair also annoys me and also life, life annoys me


Remember this


christmas is only one sleep away if you do it right